The University of the Nations motive is to touch the lives of people in need of God's touch so that they may serve others, in order that they might improve. It is a Great Commission university, designed to multiply missionaries to be salt and light in the world for the Kingdom of God.


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Discipleship Training School (DTS)
Course description:
The DTS is an intensive Christian training course beginning with a 12 week lecture or teaching phase followed by a typical 8 to 12 week practical field assignment. The DTS is designed to encourage students in personal character development, cultivating a living relationship with God and identifying their unique individual gifts and callings in God. Cross-cultural exposure and global awareness are special emphases throughout the course, preparing the students to reach current and future generations and answer the call to "Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations." (Mark 16:15, Matt 28:19).

The curriculum includes the following:

  • God's nature and character: encountering God,
  • God's intention for individuals, peoples and nations: seeing all of life from God's perspective,
  • God's redemption - sin and the Cross: recognizing Jesus as Lord,
  • God's family - His children and His Church: becoming more like Jesus,
  • God's world - His call and commission: doing the works of Jesus, and
  • YWAM - a response to God: knowing God and making Him known.

(12 credits will be given for this course, in the UofN, with the satisfactory completion of the outreach phase.)

As a second phase of the DTS, specially organized teams are sent out for 8 to 12 weeks of evangelism in cross-cultural situations. The emphasis is on the application of principles taught in the DTS lecture phase coupled with teaching on evangelism concepts and practices equipping students to share their faith using a variety of means. Special assignments are given during this course.

Purpose of the DTS:

  1. To GATHER and CHALLENGE people to worship, listen to and obey God, releasing them (in the context of the DTS) to serve through evangelism, intercession, acts of compassion and other expressions of God's heart for the world, possibly even pioneering new ministries.
  2. To INSPIRE and CULTIVATE growth in one's relationship with God resulting in Christ like character, which is based on a solid Biblical foundation, the work of the Holy Spirit and the personal application of Biblical truth, especially concerning God's Character, the Cross and empowering Grace.
  3. To SHARPEN one's ability to relate to, learn from and work with people, including those of different cultures, personalities and perspectives.
  4. To further EQUIP each one to serve God's purposes either in or outside of YWAM Family of Ministries, strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, especially the unreached, to care for the poor, and to influence all areas of society.
  5. To IMPART the vision and foundational values of Youth With A Mission International as well as that of the host operating location and to provide information regarding a variety of opportunities for service.

Cross Culture Exposure
We not only aim to teach you English, but we also aim to give you some cross cultural exposure. Weekly outreaches to a close by Zulu community, gives you the opportunity to spend time with and to minister to Zulu children. You also have the opportunity to love the children and to learn from their culture. There will also be outreaches to public schools in the area. Some of these schools have children from many of the South African cultural groups. The base attracts students from different countries and cultures, and as you build friendships with them, you get to learn interesting facts from their cultures.

Outings to different locations in our area will be part of the curriculum and it will be a great opportunity to get to see some world heritage places as well as game/national parks.

All single students live in dormitory style accommodation and couples / families will have their own room.

Application and Cost
Application and costs are on the application form - same for all schools.


Discipleship Training School (DTS)-
1st quarter – 16th January
4th quarter – 25th September

School of Biblical Studies (SBS) -
27 March - 18 December 2015


Some comments from students that have completed their Discipleship Training School (DTS).

Hanna - Norway: My Christian life was very empty before I decided to do a DTS. I didn't believe that a life with God was so miserable as I felt it was, so I decided to travel all the way from the north to the south to find the one God created for me. God took me on a journey that went far beyond my expectations. I went from being trapped in my own plans to experience God's true freedom, with His plans. Doing the DTS changed my life and I will NEVER regret doing it!

Siyabonga - South Africa: Since I came to do my DTS, my life has changed. Knowing that God is in charge of my life has made a huge difference and I am no longer striving for perfection. Knowing that God loves me no matter what and that His grace for me is so amazing. I have learnt to let God be in charge of my life and to rest in Him. To know about God is religion, but to know God is Life...

Tim - England: DTS is a joy to do - to learn about myself and to be free in the Lord. I have the joy of the Lord. I re-committed to go out and walk in my calling. I learned to be bold, to step out in faith and go for it. I was made new...

Shannon - Australia: The DTS has been an invaluable investment of time. It has equipped me to serve God using the giftings He has given to me. I have grown in my understanding of who God is and how God has made me. My desire for God has grown throughout the DTS and I have become more open to new ways of Worshipping Him. I can't believe all God has done in me in just the three months of the lecture phase. He has healed past wounds, challenged me to step out in faith, opened me to new ideas, broken down my fears and shown me the joy of fellowship - and that's only naming a few! It certainly hasn't been a holiday but there is nothing I would exchange it for.

Kesh - South Africa: The DTS was a whole new experience for me. I feel it played an important role in maturing and shaping my life and personal character. It is mind "opening" and removes false beliefs with the truths of God. It was hard at times but these were the times that God brought revelations in my life - healing, cleansing, breaking down and rebuilding.

Maggie - The Netherlands: The DTS was a refreshing shower and a shower of blessings. It has brought alive (again) my love for God and the freedom we find in a close relationship with Him. It is a great environment to get to know God afresh, anew and better. It also teaches you a better knowledge of who you are, yourself. It's like a hike in the mountains with God. Every time you think you have reached the top, there is more to explore and the view gets more and more stunning.


Application Costs
A non-refundable Application fee of R150 singles and R250 for couples who are South African residents (US$40 for singles and US$60 for couples applying from outside South Africa) is to be forwarded with the application. Your application cannot be processed without it.

Costs of all schools per person per quarter

Food, lodging, and tuition for each quarter (3 months) costs as follows (based on the Per Capita Income of the nation in which the student has citizenship):

Category A: First World Nations, e.g. the North American, European Union, and Australasian (including Japan) nations will pay R14750 (Fourteen thousand seven hundred and fifty Rand)

Category B: Second World nations, e.g. the G 22 group (including Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Korea etc.) will pay R9750 (Nine thousand seven hundred and fifty Rand)

Category C: Third World nations, e.g. India, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana and South Africans coming from a third world environment (previously disadvantaged communities) will pay R6750 (Six thousand seven hundred and fifty Rand).

  • Spouse not attending a school - R6750
  • Children under two years - FREE
  • Children 2-6 years - R2250
  • Children 7- 17 years - R4500
  • Youth over 17 years - R6750
  • Airport collection fee (if required) - R650
  • Bus collection fee (Estcourt/Ladysmith) - R150
  • Nanny attending the children - R6750

You can check for the current value of the Rand on

Payment Plans

A. Normal plan: 100% on the day of registration.

B. Monthly Plan: 35% on or before the first day of every month.

NB: Should a student not complete a school the international refund policy on pg 27 of the University of the Nations catalogue, 2008 - 2010 will apply.


As our prices are among the lowest, there can be no further reduction on the fees. Since YWAM is an international, interdenominational, multilingual, and multiracial organisation, the fee schedule takes all of the above factors into consideration in order to make university level education accessible to applicants meeting the requirements for admission. We view the higher fees paid by students from more advantaged communities as their contribution to the process of empowering others who are less fortunate. Such generosity is always a welcome return to our founding values. Further more, we deeply appreciate the participation of students who feel the way we do about helping the needy.

Costs for Outreaches

These costs are separate from the lecture phase and will differ depending on where the outreach will be.

Please Note: All prices are subject to change without prior notice!