Mission Statement

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus personally to this generation, to mobilizing as many as possible to help in this task, and to the training and equipping of believers for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. As citizens of God's kingdom, we are called to love, worship, and obey our Lord, to love and serve His Body, the Church, and to present the whole Gospel for the whole person throughout the whole world.

We of Youth With A Mission believe that the Bible is God's inspired and authoritative word, revealing that Jesus Christ is God's son; that people are created in God's image; that He created us to have eternal life through Jesus Christ; that although all people have sinned and come short of God's glory, God has made salvation possible through the death on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ; that repentance, faith, love and obedience are fitting responses to God's initiative of grace towards us; that God desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth; and that the Holy Spirit's power is demonstrated in and through us for the accomplishment of Christ's last commandment, "...Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) affirms the Bible as the authoritative word of God and, with the Holy Sprit's inspiration, the absolute reference point for every aspect of life and ministry. Based upon the God's word, who He is, and His initiative of salvation, the following responses are strongly emphasizes in YWAM:

  • Worship: We are called to praise and worship God alone.
  • Holiness: We are called to lead holy and righteous lives that exemplify the nature and character of God.
  • Witness: We are called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him.
  • Prayer: We are called to engage in intercessory prayer for the people and causes on God's heart, including standing against evil in every form.
  • Fellowship: We are called to commit to the Church in both its local nurturing expression and its mobile multiplying expression.

NOTE: The three basic documents of Youth With A Mission are The Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission (YWAM Foundational Values approved by the Global Leadership Team, August 2003 - released February 2004), The Manila Covenant and The Christian Magna Carta.

YWAM’s History

YWAM as we know it all started when a 20-year-old American college student, who was in the Bahamas on a singing tour, spent some time in prayer. As he leaned back in his bed and looked up, he saw what he called a "mental movie." He saw waves on a map. The waves turned into young people, going to every continent, sharing the good news about Jesus. "Was that really you, Lord?" he asked.

This radical idea, that young people could be missionaries, stayed with this young man, Loren Cunningham. Four years later, in 1960, he started an organization with that idea expressed even in its name: Youth With A Mission. Today, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has grown into one of the world's largest Christian mission organizations. The story of how YWAM began and how it grew is a story of God's direction and God's grace in using ordinary people from countries all over the world.

  • 1956: Beginnings
  • The 1960s: The Vision of YWAM Comes to Life
  • The 1970s: Two Hotels, a Shipwreck and a Vision
  • The 1980s: Mercy Ministry Grows Up
  • The 1990s to the Present: Looking With Both Eyes

YWAM Drakensberg’s History

YWAM Drakensberg's history started way back in 1998 when God planted a seed in our hearts. It was a seed that we did not fully understand at the time and over the last nine years; the picture has become so much clearer for us. Since July 2005, we have been building relationships with the churches (pastors) and the different organizations / ministries in the area. In February 2007, we submitted our plans to open a base to Simunye (Gathering of the Local Pastors and Lay people who give spiritual covering in Winterton, and which is a well recognized & respected body in our community) and we were given their blessing and so in Jan 2008, we began with our first Discipleship Training School.

We believe we are called as a ministry to serve Him and to be a channel of His love to the Nations. We have sensed God is calling us back to basics; to create an environment that is simple, beautiful and has a strong sense of family (belonging), where people from the Nations can come and sit at God’s feet and receive what He has for them. We long to see the transforming power of Jesus Christ being worked out in each person's life.

Our Vision

To see people from many nations; healed, equipped and released into their God given destiny and purpose.

Our Mission

We aim to create an environment where people are able to grow in their understanding of God, of themselves and of their calling; and to encourage them to step out into their destiny and purpose, in obedience to God.